Listeners of Southampton University’s Student Radio, Surge, can now listen to through their Alexa devices. Thanks to Solent Create, the radio’s live stream can be played in high definition audio to Alexa devices through the Surge Radio Alexa Skill.

To get started, you can just say, “Alexa, open Surge Radio”, to enable the skill and start playing the live stream.

You can also ask Surge what song is currently playing. Just say, “Alexa, ask Surge Radio what’s playing”, and your device will read out something like this:

(that’s what’s currently playing live from Surge)

Surge Radio

Surge Radio is the University of Southampton’s student soundtrack, formed in 1977 at the Glen Eyre halls residential complex, before moving to the main Highfield Campus.

Go to the Surge Website for more information.

Audio Player

‘Skills’ are applications that we, and other developers, create to extend the functionality of Amazon’s smart assistant – called Alexa. Alexa runs on any Echo device. Most recently, Amazon have launched a campaign to get Alexa into 3rd party manufacturer’s devices, meaning that you’ll soon be able to speak to her outside of your home: while driving in cars, on Windows PCs and in smart home appliances.

Amazon provides access to certain APIs, and we used the AudioPlayer directive to send music and songs to Alexa devices for Surge.