We enabled the Domino’s Alexa skill and asked it to feed us. It was marvellous. Here’s a (slightly corny) video on how you can do the same:



In the Dominos website you need to create an easy order – a feature where you setup your delivery address, payment details and pizza in your basket. This means ordering through voice is a lot quicker as it only allows you to order what’s in your quick order, but on the other hand you can’t easily change your order. Alexa (the skill) will ask you to confirm the details and if you keep on saying ‘yes’ you can expect pizza delivered to your door in a matter of minutes.

Domino’s have commented that they’ve experienced low sales of pizza through the voice platform, but they are beginning to pickup. Domino’s sees Alexa as a solution to declining in-store purchases and Alexa’s potential for payments is increasing. In a survey by BI, 8% of respondents said they had used voice assistants to pay for things, but this is expected to increase to around 30% by 2022.



Once you’ve setup your easy order, you can also request pizza on demand by sending the pizza emoji 🍕 to Dom the Pizza Bot in Facebook Messenger. ‘Dom’ is the AI personality used in voice interactions with Alexa, but still using Alexa’s voice. A persona across multiple platforms maintains brand consistency and identity.