We’ve created a new Amazon Alexa Skill, enabling people in offices or at home to use just their voice to work out who’s turn it is to make the drinks.

Tea Pot Bot

The idea came about when we couldn’t decide who should make our morning coffees.

The skill allows users access to its functions through voice, and this is paramount for Amazon Alexa skills. Users can add names, remove names, and check the names that the skill remembers – to make sure no one has cheekily removed themselves.

We’ve used speechcons and tailored SSML to give Alexa a cheeky and entertaining voice, that compliments a mundane and boring task of making the drinks. There’s also one ‘slurping’ MP3 clip that you might get if you’re lucky. The skill also uses the Display Directive – that is, it can project to the displays on Echo Show and Echo Spot devices.

Enable it now

“Alexa, open tea pot”

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