We can design Voice User Interfaces for your business on Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Voice applications add a new dimension to your customer communication methods.

What is an Amazon Echo & Alexa?

Amazon’s Echo devices are wireless speakers – but they’re much more powerful than that. Using nothing but voice, users can search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports or control popular smart-home products. It’s little wonder why Alexa is the most popular smart home device on the market right now.

Amazon Family

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Alexa is Coming to Radio

Already listeners are now using Amazon Alexa to stream their favourite radio stations.

We can build an Alexa skill for your radio that uses your existing web stream.

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Case Study: The Island Echo

Enable the Skill

People interested in news from the Isle of Wight, can now simply ask their Alexa-enabled device for a flash briefing, and summaries of relevant news articles from the Island Echo will be read out by the smart assistant.

The ‘skill’ we developed that does this, helps the Island Echo to stand out against its competitors on the Island, by providing this unique and modern service that is also used by other mainstream news websites such as the BBC and Associated Press. Through our WordPress plugin, the skill seamlessly integrates with the Island Echo’s current website to create a new method of delivering content to target audiences.

Smart assistants are now exploding onto the market, with Amazon’s Echo devices (that feature a smart assistant called Alexa) being the most popular with 40% of UK households expected to own one in 2018. This makes it a lucrative opportunity for businesses hoping to access new customers in a changing marketing landscape – for example, millennials spend 79% of their waking time inside their home.  Along with reading flash news briefings from the Island Echo, the smart assistant can also control your smart home appliances, such as lightbulbs, speakers, kettles and air conditioning units.

Integrate your Data

If you already have an online account system for your customers, by linking their Google or Amazon account to your service, users can have a personalised chat about their own services with you. They can even place orders just by speaking to their device.

Perfect for News Blogs

We've made it easy to deploy Alexa Skills that take content from your existing WordPress blog and turn it into a news feed for Alexa devices to read out - as part of a user's Daily Briefing or Flash News.