3rd Party Data Privacy Policy

When visiting websites or using apps, data can be collected from your interactions with the service, as well as the data you enter – such as names, passwords etc. This privacy policy outlines what data we collect, what we do with the data and what we share, in simple, easy to understand words. We sometimes pass some of this data on to the people who administrate the application we’ve created it for.

What data do we collect?

By using Google Assistant Actions produced by us:

  • Your anonymised Google ID – not your Google account email address but a unique string of characters that identifies your account across the Google’s services. Without collecting your Google account email address (which we do not) there’s no way of working out who you really are.
  • Your usage patterns – each time you talk to the action, we record the time and date, to help tailor our services.

By using Facebook Messenger chatbots that we’ve made:

  • We collect your Facebook user ID, first name, last name and URL of your profile picture. All of this information is public and can accessed by anyone with access to the Facebook Graph API anyway.
  • We also may collect the time when you send a message to the chatbot through Facebook Messenger.

What do we do with the data?

We use your collected identifiable information to help tailor our services. By collecting this data, we are able to serve you personalised responses.

For Google Assistant Actions and Facebook Messenger applications, we use the date and time when you interact with the application to help us produce graphics that show us when it’s most used – and what articles are most popular for example. That’s it.

What data do we share?

We sometimes have to share your conversation with our client for operational reasons – our service wouldn’t work if we weren’t able to query the business with your personal information and question. We also share analytics reports.